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To Empower Youth To Promote Environmental Sustainability, End Poverty And Enable Access To Quality Education Among The Vulnerable Communities In Zambia.

EasyZambia’s Art4Nature: Transforming Trash into Treasure

In Zambia, where 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste piles up yearly, Jabez, leading
EasyZambia’s Art4Nature project, is on a mission to make a positive change. This youth-driven
initiative turns plastic and food waste into impressive art, bringing attention to the need for better
waste practices.

The Art4Nature project is all about showing that even waste can have a second life. Jabez, who
loves both art and nature, gets other young people involved. Together, they create artforms from
collected plastic and food waste. It’s not just art for art’s sake; it’s a way to teach everyone about
the impact of waste and how we can do things differently.

The process is simple yet powerful. They gather plastic waste from local communities and turn it
into cool art pieces. Even food waste gets a creative makeover. Through workshops and fun
activities, Jabez spreads the word about why it’s crucial to manage waste better.
Art4Nature is more than just art; it’s a call to action. The artworks tell a story of change,
encouraging everyone to think twice about how we handle waste. Jabez’s leadership brings
young people together, showing that anyone can be part of the solution.

EasyZambia’s Art4Nature isn’t just turning trash into art; it’s turning mindsets around. The
project is a colorful reminder that, with a bit of creativity, we can make a big difference. Through
art, Jabez and his team are proving that we can tackle big problems by working together, one art
piece at a time.

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